Company Information

STAOF is one of the most important and active manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in the world, including  PUR adhesive,MMA resin,LOCA, anaerobic sealants, UV curing resins, epoxy resins, instant adhesive, liquid gasket sealants, silicon-based sealants and aerosol products etc.  Based on both natural and synthetic raw materials, these products continued to be developed and specialized for different applications. STAOF has its own research and development centers undertaking continuous trial to improve knowledge of adhesive and sealant technology, investigation and making it available to customers. These products are widely used in many industry sectors including electrical and electronic industries, automotive, general machinery and engineering, construction, thus enabling us to have a global perspective. Treating the world as a whole has also made it possible for us to inundate the entire globe with our ideas.

Bonding agent for Cell phone

Bonding agent for Computer

Bonding agent for Headset